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My goodness, I can talk!  As I was growing up, my parents always called me a chatterbox.  Well, it seems things haven't changed...

I’m an award-nominated British female voice actor, with a great range of voices and characters. When you hire me, you get total professionalism, flexibility, and 100 per cent commitment to the job.

After working at the BBC as a producer and presenter for 12 years, I retrained as a voiceover artist, actor and storyteller.

Since 2015 I have voiced a number of projects from commercials and corporate explainers to videogames and audiobooks. I love playing with characters and accents and can deliver any brief from ‘hard sell’ to ‘warm mum’ – I’m often praised for sounding “natural, chatty and warm”, with a slight East Midlands "twang" thrown in.

I have my own home studio with Source Connect and Cleanfeed– I can also get to London easily, should you need it.  I can turn work around quickly and efficiently, and I regularly take coaching sessions, workshops and training days to ensure I’m always at the top of my game.

Please have a listen to my voice reels to see if I can help with your next project.



  • Professional voiceover

  • Fast turnaround

  • Esmono Booth & Source Connect

  • Editing and mastering audio

  • Presenting for TV/Radio & live audience 


For my acting credits, please visit
my Acting Page 
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