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I have had many different and diverse acting roles across theatre, film and video games.  I am Spotlight registered and a member of Equity.  Contact me directly for any acting or presenting requirements.  Please speak to my agent for MoCap enquiries.

Motion Capture

I have worked with the Motion Capture company Vicon, global leaders in motion capture equipment and software.  I was chosen to demonstrate their camera and software to game developers.  This included preforming basic MoCap sequences, as well as fight scenes and highly physical movement, to demonstrate the robustness of the equipment.
For further 
information, please contact my Agent Emily Dean at the Mocap Agency:


Pickens of Dickens (two hander) 2020
Looking Glass Theatre

Agnes Browne, Halloween Ghost Tales (2019)
Looking Glass Theatre 

Sister Alison in Caribbean Soldiers, (2017)
Milton Keynes Theatre
Marie in Hate The Happy, Tickle Me Morbid productions (2016)
Cockpit Theatre London
No Way Back, Frantic Assembly (2015)
Part of the ensemble cast in an original devised production.  Directed by Scott Graham
Nurse Kathy in A Tired Heart, (2015)
The Castle Theatre, Wellingbrough 


Presenter, MarketForce Live Webinar (2019)
Presenter for a webinar on AI in the future of Banking

Presenter, Jaguar Landrover at Goodwood (2017)
Presented and reported for JLR and their Graduate programme to help promote the company
Doctor, I measure U wearable tech company (2017)
Promotional video to be released 2018
Eliza, Great with Disability, Carlton Films (2015)


Sandy Newman, Fortune Cookies 
Post-Production.  Released 2021

Comedy feature film set in the 1990s.  A family struggling to keep their business going, enter a gameshow to solve all their money problems.

Cransley Hospice national campaign film
Released 2020
Becky, CollabFeature (Noahs Story)
Airing in 2018. Global web based series around a billionaire who is about to die - who will be his successor?
Lucy Ferrer in Stopwatch (2016)
Short Film set in a Dystopian Future

Debbie, Off the Rails (2015)
Short Film, Samurai Films (online)

Credit: No Way Back

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